Monday, January 15, 2007

Shower versus Grower

I have a question for you male readers… are you a “shower” or a “grower”?

A 'shower' is a guy that has a long soft penis that does not increase in length much as it gets erect."Fleischpenis" (literally "flesh-/meatpenis") for "shower". I.E. Tommy Lee.

A 'grower' has a shorter soft penis that increases a lot in length as it gets erect.
“Blutpenis" (i.e. literally "bloodpenis") for "grower". I.E. George Castanza.

There are tons of discussion boards out there talking about showers and growers. From what I gather, the majority of the English speaking male world are growers. Around 85% or more. I wonder if it is hereditary? Kind of a hard question to ask pops. (Pardon the pun) I guess it is kind of like whether or not you are an outty or an inny. You know…belly buttons. But unlike belly buttons, this subject is a little more difficult to about without the label of “queer bait” being hung on your ass.

FYI: Here is one I have never heard of and thought of sharing with you. I am sorry to say I found it on a gay web site while doing research on the above topic. “Highway to Heaven”-The area between the scrotum and anus. I always called it the taint. Cause it taint the asshole and it taint the couchy. By the way, please cast your vote below. Later.


Ricky said...

Why all the sudden interest in the male penis? And what the hell are you doing on a gay website. Were you looking for a companion for your brother? Although, I usually find your topics interesting, I think you are headed in a rather "queer" direction. I think the real topic here is "Gay versus Straight"

Biggun6969 said...

I am pleased to hear that you normally find my topics interesting. This particular subject was one that was discussed on the job over the weekend. Nothing homo about it, just chit-chat. As far as looking for that companion, I am sure that if he needed one there would not be a problem finding one in West Texas. Nothing but steers and queers out there if you know what I mean. Actually I stumbled across the site looking for cheap stolen goods and found some shit there with your name on it. Later.

ricky said...

Nice, I see that sarcasm is a trait that runs rancid in the Le Blanc family. I am pleased to hear that homosexuality does not.

Anonymous said...

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