Monday, January 02, 2012

Know your enemy

I have what some folks may consider a problem: I can't let things go. What I mean is if someone pisses me off, I can't just get mad/get over it and let it go. I never believed in "getting even" either. I always said "I'll get ahead".

Saturday we were headed to Sulphur to help a friend from work flip a trailer over with the tractor that he had been working on. I stopped by the local car wash to rinse off the tractor since the last time I used it was to bush hog and it was covered in dust. The owner of the car wash watched as I pulled into a bay and met me by the tractor. He proceeded to tell me I couldn't wash the mud off the tractor. The mud clogs the drain. We discussed/argued for a couple of minutes back and forth of rather or not I could wash the tractor there. I mentioned to him that this is a car wash; people don't bring clean cars to wash them. He told me that is was a car wash, not a tractor wash. I told him I was just going to rinse the tractor off and not clean out the bucket which had a couple of shovels worth of mud in it. He mumbled and grumbled as he walked off and I washed the tractor off. He was a real prick about the whole thing.

But it got to me. The more that I thought about it the more I just couldn't let it go. He could have handled it differently. He could have asked versus being a dick. Now, one good thing I can do is wait. I do not have to execute my attack immediately. I can take months to plan out just how I will get someone or a company back. So, today I went to the deer lease to sight in a rifle and do a little squirrel hunting. Normally, I get a little mud on the tires of the Tahoe running the logging roads at the lease. But today, I went mud ridding. There are plenty of mud holes to get the ole gal good and muddy and I didn't pass a mud hole without letting those Fierce Attitude mud tires eat away at some good ole gumbo mud and red clay. Of course, after a good day of mud ridding one must clean their vehicle off.

I pulled into the car wash with half of Beauregard parish stuck to my truck. $1 later, I left with a clean car from the car wash and a smile on my face. To make it even sweeter, someone left two dollars in quarters next to the controls. So not only did I get my satisfaction but I also made a profit. But I reckon the best of it all, was when I passed the security camera, I stopped, looked dead at it and said slowly "it ain't a's a car". He underestimated his opponent. Never piss off a fool with more time and quarters than he has common sense. There is no telling what he will do to prove his point. Later.

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Chrissy said...

You sound so much like me. :) Remember when no one wanted to go to lunch with us because they thought we were both butts. I miss those days!!