Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You can keep your gold

Oh, the troubled times we are a living in? With talk of doomsday around the corner, presidential elections in November, the current economic situation, and the Mayan calendar supposedly ending on December 21, 2012, it is no wonder that folks are starting to get a little antsy. So, what are we supposed to do?

Aaron: I remember some time back my brother and I were talking about folks of today, primarily workers joining the workforce and their mentality…their work ethic. My brother said: “Things are different now days. When shit got broke; we fixed it. Now these people don’t want to do anything and don’t know how to do anything.” And this is so true. It is all about the attitude of just getting down there and getting it done. Instead of waiting for someone else to solve YOUR problem.

John: Good point there…waiting for someone else to solve YOUR problem. No one takes responsibility now days for their actions. Sad thing is that is how WE raised them. But enough of that. Let’s get to the true topic at hand: current domestic issues. I was just reading an article about gold and other precious metals. And how the prices have escalated recently but it is not too late to “get in on it” and purchase some precious metal before the collapse of the American dollar. But what exactly will the gold do for you?

Aaron: Let’s look at a scenario. The economy has collapsed. Paper money that you buried in the back yard or kept safely in a bank is only useful to start a fire with or wipe your ass. What is that gold really going to be good for? After the “bad times”, I agree that precious metals will be the foundation of the new economical building. But for those years prior when things are really ruff, that gold will only get your ass killed. That is it. Let’s say right now you have $500 extra money you want to spend in preparation for your SHTF Plan. (SHIT HITS THE FAN) One guy buys $500 worth of gold and the other guy buys a used, untraceable Glock (legally) and 200 rounds of ammo. When riots are in the streets and your family is running low on food and water, as most others will be, what would you rather have in your hand during negotiations? That tiny little gold nugget or a semi-auto pistol?

John: This is a no brainer here folks. For the long term, yes gold/other precious metals would be a good investment. But who do you think will end up with the gold? The guy with the gold or the guy with the gun?

Aaron: It will be worse for those in the big cities. Country folks won’t turn on each other as quick as they will in the city and will likely help one another. This goes to the story I mentioned earlier. Country folks will take care of themselves and not wait for the government to come in on its white horse and save the day. Think about this; on November 7, 2012, someone will lose. And they are going to be upset. No matter which side it is, they are going to be pissed. Add on the 12-21-2012 end of time, loss of jobs, etc… and that pressure cooker is going to erupt big time.

John: Now I don’t know if it will get that bad or not…

Aaron: Damn sure it will!

John: I am not so sure, but, why not be prepared?

Aaron: Now you’re thinking right!

John: It is kind of like hurricane preparedness. We have fuel, water, food, batteries, etc… ready for when it hits. But nothing will go to waste. The fuel will go into vehicles and lawnmowers, the water has a long shelf life and we drink a lot of it, and the food and water can be used at home and when camping.

Aaron: I refuse to buy crap that will go to waste if “it” doesn’t happen. Be “it” is a hurricane, dooms day, whatever. Everything I have will be used if not for the original purpose for which it was purchased.

John: With that being said, here are some ideas to thing about in the upcoming months. Things that may be wise to acquire while you still can. AMMO: You can never have enough ammo. It has a long shelf life if stored properly. I have ammo stamped 1943 and it still fires. FIREARMS: You can never have too many firearms. You can get a lot more in trade for a pistol and 100 rounds of ammo than you can with a fist full of $100 bills. Guns are like land when it comes to prices; they only go up. WATER PURIFICATION SUPPLIES, etc…

Aaron: But that list is common sense stuff. You will need to think outside the box to survive. I would rather have a dozen snares than a shotgun and two boxes of shells when it comes time to feed the family. Get some snares and learn how to use them now. All those manuals on survival stored on your hard drive won’t be worth squat when the battery runs out will they? Better learn that shit now!

John: Getting kind of radical there huh hoss? Haven’t even loss cable signal yet and you are ready to get in the bunker for survival.

Aaron: May be, but there is not a damn thing wrong with being prepared. Skills learned today that will aid in survival tomorrow are a good investment brother.

John: Touche’

Aaron: Better safe than sorry. So stop talking about what you need to do and get to doing it…now. The clock is ticking folks.

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